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Do you want to improve your scientific English or academic writing?

We offer scientific writing courses and workshops, as well as private writing coaches – so you can improve your writing when it suits you.

New! We are now offering personal feedback on oral presentations. Do you want to be more confident for your next presentation? Contact us to see how we can help you!

Are you a student or group leader in Southeast Asia?

We are currently open for reservation of on-site workshops in Asia for 2024. Contact us for more information.

Scientific writing courses and workshops offered

We are currently open for reservations!

Writing with impact

On-site 3-day Workshop

Maximum 20 participants per session.

Workshop includes reading materials, exercises, personal feedback on writing, and a certificate of completion, which can be redeemed for one free proofread of a scientific article. *

Venue: Provided by the organizer.

*Terms and conditions apply

New one-day workshop available!

Presenting with impact

On-site one day workshop on poster design and presentation techniques

Maximum 20 participants per session.

Workshop includes lecture and exercises.

Venue: Provided by the organizer.

“Well organized workshop, which has covered all important aspects in scientific writing.”

Workshop participant 2019, Institute of Medical Research, Shah Alam, Malaysia


On-site intensive workshops are good options for your team, research group or department. Our workshops can be tailored to the needs of the group. Together, we discuss and elaborate on all the things you need to think about. The workshops include exercises and personal feedback.

Short courses

Our short courses can be tailored to the needs of your students or co-workers and can cover topics related to academics or work, such as poster presentations, oral presentations, introduction to reference management systems, etc.

Online courses can be arranged for small or large groups of participants over Zoom, Teams or other platforms.

If your department or faculty wants us to arrange a course on campus, please contact us for more information.

What our students think

After our courses and workshops we ask our students to rate them and give us feedback so we can keep improving our offerings.

Here are the results from four of our 2019 workshops in Malaysia.

“I learned a lot in terms of delivery of scientific information to readers”

Workshop participant 2019, UKM Bangi, Malaysia

“All the ideas and information are very inspired and useful to produce a well impact paper.”

Workshop participant 2019, UTeM Melaka, Malaysia

“Excellent contents and impressive programme structure”

Workshop participant 2019, UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia

“Very nice and useful before start writing paper”

Workshop participant 2019, UTM Johor Bharu, Malaysia

How satisfied were you with the event?
4.7 / 5
How relevant and helpful do you think the workshop will be for your own writing?
4.7 / 5
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Papers published by our clients
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Learning outcomes

In our courses and workshops you will learn how to structure a scientific paper and what to include in each section. We will also discuss how you can improve your figures and tables. Throughout the course and workshop there will be English grammar and syntax sessions for participants who are non-native English speakers.

At the end of the course or workshop you should have enough knowledge to write your own scientific paper for an international scientific journal.

Article structure & content

It's not enough to only know what goes where. Get in-depth guidance on how to structure the contents of your paper to make sure your scientific results make an impact.

Figures, graphs & tables

Have you thought about which colors you use in your figures? Learn how to make intelligible and impactful graphics in our hands-on practice sessions.

English grammar & syntax

Learn writing best practices so you know how to write clearly and make sure your readers understand the significance of your research.

Which topics do we cover in the scientific writing workshops?


Start out strong by writing a captivating title.


Does your abstract contain the important details within the word limit?


How do you start writing your paper and how should it be structured?


Can other researchers replicate your work based on your methods section?


Do you know how to showcase your spectacular results?


Do you know what the discussion can or should include to push your research to the front?

Optional blocks


Learn how to make your images more attractive.


Learn about styling and management systems

Review process

How does it work?

Scientific English

Learn how to write clearly so your readers understand your points.

Past on-site events


13 June @UTeM Melaka, Malaysia

8 – 9 July@UTM Skudai Johor, Malaysia

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

11 – 12 July@UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia

Ministry of Health Malaysia

16 – 17 July@IMR Puncak Alam, Malaysia

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

22 – 23 July@UKM Bangi, Malaysia

31 Jul – 1 Aug@UTeM Melaka, Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to organize a workshop on campus. Who should we contact?

Contact us through WhatsApp and let us know that you would like to organize a workshop and the topic of the workshop. Specify where you want to arrange the workshop, the topic, and the background of the participants. We will then contact you to set an appointment for an online meeting (15 min) to discuss your needs and agree on a date.

I passed the workshop and obtained a certificate. Why can't I redeem it?

The certificate obtained for completing all assignments in a workshop can be redeemed for proofreading of a scientific paper. However, there are terms and conditions, such as the number of times the certificate can be redeemed, and the time period it is valid. If these conditions are not fulfilled, the certificate can not be used to redeem this service.

How much does a workshop cost?

The cost depends on the several factors, including the topic and location of the workshop. We charge based on the duration, number of participants, and preparation time for the workshop. We also consider traveling costs.

I obtained a certificate and sent my paper for proofreading. Why haven't you checked the whole paper?

We recommend that you send us the paper just before it will be submitted to a scientific journal. This way, you will get the most out of our (free) service. If we see that your paper is in an initial stage and will need to be revised before submission, we will proofread only parts of your paper and make comments to let you know what needs to be improved. Initial stage manuscripts need more than proofreading, most often heavy editing is needed. In this case, proofreading will be a waste of time as the manuscript will be revised anyways (and new errors will emerge).

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