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Do you want to improve your scientific English or academic writing?

We offer private writing coaches , workshops, and proofreading services – so you can improve your writing when it suits you.

New! Do you want personal feedback on a presentation in English? Contact us to see how we can help you!

What we offer

Personal Writing Coach

Are you new to writing scientific papers or reports in English or do you want to improve an already written manuscript? Do you want someone to help you structure your manuscript, point out problem areas, or suggest how to improve clarity, so you can improve your academic writing? Let us help you. Your personal coach will guide you for as long as you want.


On-site intensive workshops where we go through all the things you need to know about writing your scientific paper. The workshops include exercises and personal feedback on your writing. We want you to improve your scientific English and academic writing. Let us help you with that so you can focus on your research.

Proofreading and editing

About to submit your journal paper or thesis? Do you need someone to proofread or edit your manuscript for spelling, grammar, and syntax, or to improve clarity and create a greater impact? Provide a page of your writing for a free time and cost estimate.


Do you want someone to give you feedback on your oral presentation in English? Regardless if it is for a school project, thesis viva, or job presentation, we have the experience. We will point out errors, suggest improvements, and comment on your delivery, so you can feel confident when it matters.

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What our students think

After our courses and workshops we ask our students to rate them and give us feedback so we can keep improving our offerings.

Here are the results from four of our 2019 workshops in Malaysia.

“I learned a lot in terms of delivery of scientific information to readers”

Workshop participant 2019, UKM Bangi, Malaysia

“All the ideas and information are very inspired and useful to produce a well impact paper.”

Workshop participant 2019, UTeM Melaka, Malaysia

“Excellent contents and impressive programme structure”

Workshop participant 2019, UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia

“Very nice and useful before start writing paper”

Workshop participant 2019, UTM Johor Bharu, Malaysia

How satisfied were you with the event?
4.7 / 5
How relevant and helpful do you think the workshop will be for your own writing?
4.7 / 5

Upcoming & Recent events

Do you want to organize a workshop for yourself or your students? Contact us to schedule your workshop today!

Workshops & seminars - How to improve your scientific writing


13 June @UTeM Melaka, Malaysia

8 – 9 July@UTM Skudai Johor, Malaysia

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

11 – 12 July@UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia

Ministry of Health Malaysia

16 – 17 July@IMR Puncak Alam, Malaysia

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

22 – 23 July@UKM Bangi, Malaysia

31 Jul – 1 Aug@UTeM Melaka, Malaysia

Our Clients

Most of our clients are graduate students and researchers from universities and research institutes, but we also have clients from industry and government agencies. A selection of our clients came from:

Uppsala Universitet
Ministry of Health Malaysia
Scientific Writing Coach courses, workshops, proofreading, editing
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

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