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Our courses will give you plenty of tools and the confidence you want for writing your scientific papers.


The courses contain lectures and hands-on assignments. After completion of the course you will receive a certificate to prove that you know how to write your papers.

  • Online course
  • Campus course

Online courses can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. You decide when and where you attend classes and hand in your assignments when you have the time.


We correct your assignments promptly and, when all the assignments have been passed, we will award you a certificate as proof that you have completed the course.


If your department or faculty wants us to arrange a course on campus, please contact us for more information.


The advantage of a campus course is the structured learning, making sure that you finish the course in a timely manner, with the resources on-hand, so you can be sure not to miss out on any important information.

What do we go through in the courses?

Article structure & content

Because it's not enough to only know what goes where.

How do you write your paper?

Get in-depth guidance on how to structure the contents of your paper to make sure your scientific results make an impact.

Tables & Figures

Learn about best practices in creating your tables and figures with hands-on practice sessions.

What do your figures look like?

Have you thought about which colors you use in your figures? What type of graphs do you plot to display your data? Are your tables intelligible?

English grammar, syntax, and writing best-practices

Do they understand?

Learn how to write clearly so your readers understand the significance of your research.


Make sure your abstract contains all the important things without being too long or tedious.


How do you start writing your paper? What should be written and in which order?


The methods section is crucial for other scientists who want to replicate your work. Are you writing it right?


Are your results spectacular? Present it so that everyone will know how great they are!


Do you know what the discussion can or should include to push your research to the front?


Reference styling and management systems- platform, pricing, and alternatives.

Writing scientific English

Learn how to write clear and concise English so your reader doesn't misinterpret your message.

The review process

Where should you submit your paper? How and when do you respond to the Editor?

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